Covid-19: Peru is positioned as the first blueberry exporter despite the health crisis

Blueberry production has grown 17% in the Lambayeque, Áncash, and Piura regions, the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation reported. Despite the health crisis, Peru has managed to impose itself above Chile, the country that until now had occupied the first places in the export of the berry.

Source: Enfemenino

According to a journalistic report by Cuarto Cuarto, the projections of cultivated could reach 20,000 hectares thanks to the participation of farmers in these departments of the country.


Ginger (kion) production also improved considerably. According to the local media report, Peru has managed to position itself in 4th place as a producer. Only India, China, and Nigeria surpass it.

According to the figures, ginger shipments increased by 162%, reaching $23 million, reported the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur)

Source: Google Images

Main markets

The main destination markets for the production of fresh Peruvian blueberries last year were the United States, a country that acquired 54% of the total, followed by the Netherlands 21%, England 9%, China 6%, and Spain 4%.

El Minagri pointed out that the production of blueberries grew at an average rate of 206% per year between 2012 and 2018, and only last year the production of that fruit registered 89,735 tons. This could have been reduced during the pandemic, but not stopped like other activities.


Thanks to this type of activity, the Peruvian economy has managed to reduce its negative impact. Between this and other activities that restarted their activities in recent weeks. This greatly helped to reduce the negative impact of the pandemic by 32%.

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