Bolivians desperate for medical crisis enter Argentina through drains

Argentina has reported that Bolivian citizens try to enter the country through clandestine tunnels that come from the drain. The province of Salta has been the scene of the terrible images shared by Argentine Gendarmes, Bolivians emerging from drains, seeking medical attention not only for the Coronavirus but also for pregnant women.

The photographs are heartbreaking, there are currently 60 clandestine steps to enter Argentina through the city of Salvador Mazza, which is close to the Bolivian border, Rubén Méndez, mayor of the city, has assured that there were only 29 entries illegal between both countries, the number rose to 60 due to the medical crisis facing Bolivians.

Bolivians illegally enter Argentina through drains.

In the last fifteen days, at least 70 Bolivians have been detained, who were trying to enter the city of Salta for different purposes, including pregnant women, families, patients with Coronavirus, and even smugglers and drug traffickers, according to the province’s governor from Salta, Gustavo Sáenz.

Recently, two cases impressed the Argentines, a pregnant woman who gave birth in a city hospital, who, after testing her, learned that she is infected with COVID-19. The means of how she managed to get to the country are still unknown, but it is known that she was staying at the home of relatives, who were also tested. Previously, the case of an 80-year-old woman, who entered illegally through a road in San Martin, was known, the old woman also tested positive for Coronavirus.

Saénz thanked Argentine President Alberto Fernández through his Twitter account since he had responded to his request to send the Armed Forces to the area. The Infobae media outlet announced that in an interview with the brigadier general, Juan Martín Paleo, he assured that the Argentine army is only present as a deterrent in the affected areas, and not to carry out patrols, thus denying the media Bolivian communication.

The coronavirus has saturated the hospitals of the highland country, which has more than 54 thousand infected, among them is its president Jeanine Añez, recently the Bolivian Government Minister announced the expropriation of hospitals and cemeteries in the cities of Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, within order to face the pandemic that has already left 1984 fatalities.

Salta hospitals indicated that many pregnant Bolivian women have been treated, all of which are treated as suspected cases of COVID-19, activating the security protocol. For his part, Mayor Rubén Mendez reflected, “If this continues, if patients continue to enter the country from Bolivia, we will not be able to maintain control of the situation. Nor do we know how to ask the residents of Salvador Mazza not to let people in», this because it is known that Bolivians are helped by their relatives who live in the area to cross the drains

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