British arrested for Ryanair flight bomb alert in Norway

Three days after a bomb alert on a Ryanair plane connecting Krakow to Dublin, Norwegian police arrested a 51-year-old Briton on Friday on suspicion of launching another air alert on a low-cost company plane connecting London with Oslo. «We have launched an investigation and we will listen to the man as quickly as possible», Olav Unnestad, a police officer, said in a statement.

The Irish airline’s plane landed safely in the middle of the day at Gardermoen International Airport, some 50 km northeast of the Norwegian capital. The 142 passengers were evacuated. No injuries were reported.

According to Norwegian media reports, the threat was in the form of a written note found on board the plane, which generated an alert approximately 40 minutes before landing. According to the specialized site Flightradar24, the plane is a Boeing 737 that took off from London Standsted Airport in the early morning.

The incident resulted in the deployment of large police forces to Gardermoen, including an elite response team that conducted the inspection of the aircraft. He was escorted by Danish F16 fighters who broke the sound barrier to join him in midair, the Danish Defense Ministry said on Twitter.

Tuesday’s bomb threat forced the plane to land in London after a note was found in the bathroom saying explosives were on board. British police arrested two men.

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