Manuel Merino on the change of the Ministerial Cabinet: He caught us by surprise

The President of Congress, Manuel Merino, affirmed that the changes that the President of the Republic made in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers was something that they did not expect would happen so soon. Likewise, he spoke that he held conversations with the head of the State Council to express his support for a ministerial change.

In channel N conversations, Merino stated: ‘A renewal had to be sought in the cabinet and President Vizcarra said that he would do so. It caught us by surprise, a bit off guard, because it was ahead of what we expected, before July 28, it was 15 days before. ‘

The Popular Action parliamentarian indicated that between today or Monday a board of spokespersons will be called to evaluate the request for a vote of confidence requested by the President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano, before July 28. Merino said: ‘The premier has asked us to be in Congress before July 28, he told us on the 23rd but we have a decentralized meeting scheduled in Arequipa. I must call the Board of Spokespersons and agree to attend the Congress. ’

Regarding the issue of interpellations, the AP congressman indicated that 2 ministers are requesting a motion to interpellate, it is María Antonieta Alva (Minister of Economy and Finance) and Jorge Montenegro (Minister of Agriculture). However, given the current situation, the parliamentarian mentioned that said requests (motion for questioning) could gradually lose strength; but that in the case of Martin Benavides (Minister of Education) it will be voted on by the Plenary.

‘The President of Congress does not have the power to stop interpellations. The benches that requested the interpellation, would have to see if these days with the words of the Minister of Economy have been overcome, a natural withdrawal of signatures and the interpellation would fall. The request against the Minister of Education is approved and about to be debated in plenary, ’said the President of Congress.

Regarding the change of health ministers, Merino acknowledged that Pilar Mazetti was characterized by having more character, since Zamora (former minister of health) was more dialogue and lacked firmness, ‘It is not possible that the spending capacity do not exceed 40% in regions’ indicated for # 2020N. The head of the Congress recounted the conversations he had with Pedro Cateriano in which he reported that they spoke about the work of DIVIAC, since he expressed his concern.

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