Serenazgo de Lima managed to capture a thief who threw himself from the fourth floor to flee

This morning, the serene of the Municipality of Lima managed to capture a thief, who tried to steal a bicycle from a building located in block 8 of the jirón Enrique belonging to the Santa Beatriz urbanization, in the Cercado de Lima.

This intervention was achieved when the serene patrolled the area, when they realized that the subject was taking a bicycle trying to jump the bars of the building, so the agents arrested the subject, who threatened them with a knife.
The subject was identified as Anthony Benítez Guillermo Vela, 27, who faced the capture of the serene, threw the bicycle inside the building and threatened the serenaded personnel, then went up to the fourth floor and threw himself through the skylight of the building, falling on a polyethylene roof, which cushioned his fall and saved his life.

After the capture, the municipality’s video surveillance center contacted the Police to support the intervention of the serene. The subject is detained at the Petit Thouars police station. On the other hand, the owner of the bicycle thanked the timely intervention of the serene of the municipality.

Thanks to the intervention of the serene of the commune. As the central watch and the support of the police, it is possible to capture the criminals who attempt against citizen security, we hope that the interventions continue to be effective and protect citizens.

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