Subcommittee proceeds with the complaint against former congressman Héctor Becerril

14 votes in favor and one abstention were necessary to continue with the constitutional accusation of the former congressman of Fuerza Popular, Héctor Becerril. The Fujimori militant is accused of allegedly joining a criminal organization, for illegal sponsorship, bribery, and extortion crimes.

The lawsuits perpetuated by the Public Ministry are based on the cases of «Los Temerarios del Crimen» and the complaint filed by the mayor of the Aucallama district, Pedro Salguero Dulanto, for taking advantage of his position to intercede on behalf of his company’s brother.

The commission reviewing his case decided to include an indictment for allegedly violating the Political Constitution of Peru. The constitutional complaint was filed by María Elena Foronda, Richard Arce, Marvin Palma, and Gloria Montenegro (current Minister for Women).

Given this, the former Fujimori parliamentarian pointed out to a local media that «what corresponds is that the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations evaluate this issue and, of course, they will surely put a speaker who will be in charge of that issue, then they will call me to a session to do my corresponding releases”.

It should be remembered that the Prosecutor of the Nation, Zoraida Ávalos, presented to the Congress of the Republic two constitutional complaints against the former congressman by Fuerza Popular on July 11. However, the former parliamentarian still has a political antecedence until 2024, a benefit that is granted for up to 5 years after his cease as a legislator, and the process against him is in the hands of the current Congress.

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