Survey of the management of the President and public authorities by IPSOS

According to the IPSOS survey on the report of public opinion to the evaluation of public authorities, the approval of President Martin Vizcarra has fallen since last June and to date the president has 65% (approval). On the other hand, the disapproval percentage has increased by 31% since May of this year when it only had 17% disapproval in May.

Likewise, the evaluation of the Government’s management, the Executive Branch has been polarized since the state of emergency was declared by COVID-19 in our country. The approval percentage increased by 68% and has dropped to 45%; while the disapproval percentage increased to 49%.

The evaluation also includes the Congress of the Republic whose levels of disapproval have gradually increased since the declaration of the state of emergency with 63% and its approval fell to 32%. Regarding the actions of the parliament on the changes in the constitution (last July 5), 57% of the respondents mentioned not being informed, while 42% mentioned the opposite, 1% did not specify.

Regarding the articles in the modification of the constitution, the survey indicates that 41% agree, while 57% contrasts with said measures taken by parliament. Meanwhile, on the political reforms (parliamentary immunity and the prejudice for high state officials approved by Congress) the results mention that 22% believe that they are correct, 18% incorrect and 59% think that they were rushed.

Regarding the exclusion of those sentenced to run for popularly elected positions, 81% agree, while 18% think otherwise. On whether people believe that we will return to a general quarantine, 70% think so, while 27% do not.
Regarding the places of risk that people worry about as an infectious point of contagion, 67% believe that in public transport, 64% believe that in the markets, 28% in banks, 27% in the street, the same figure for shopping malls; 23% believe that in supermarkets, 16% at work and 7% in parks or recreation areas.


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