The Cold War had everyone under a moment of incredible tension. This political, social, economic, scientific and military confrontation that was the product of the end of World War II,…

After World War II, Germany was divided among the winners of the contest. Berlin was the city with the largest division being occupied by 4 countries: the Soviet Union United…

The French revolution has been one of the most important events in history that undertook various changes worldwide.

The French revolution propagated the ideals of freedom and brotherhood. Thanks to her, something never seen in the world was achieved: The Declaration of Human Rights of the Citizen.

Large cities in Europe have managed to manifest their art through its walls and its streets have been transformed into windows of expression. 30 years after the street art boom, Fiasco, a Peruvian artist has sought to rescue our culture in his murals.

Thanks to technological advances, several actions have been implemented in Peru in order to access citizens to read.

A documentary about the life of the writer Leoncio Bueno has come to light. Learn here some details of the poet’s life and the development of the documentary about his life.

This year the postulation of the Chankillo solar observatory will be debated to be considered Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Know its importance and that other Peruvian monuments have this recognition.

The works will consist of rehabilitation, conservation and value works, as announced by the Minister of Culture, Sonia Guillén.

This stage marked an important milestone in the history of mankind, it developed over two centuries, generating benefits and consequences that last until today.

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